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Customer Testimonials

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients who have provided us with the following notes regarding their pets and the care our sitters have administered over the years. Also we would like to thank our sitters, past and present, for all of the wonderful care they have given to our clients' beloved pets.

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We want to say thank you to Mavis Strickland who recently cared for Murphy, Ellie, and Louie while we were on vacation. She did a wonderful job, doing more than we expected. She is a Wonder Woman pet sitter!! Thanks so much.

Sandy and Mike

The Quinn Cats

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our sitters Scott & Kasha. Our oldest dog Wilder is a very anxious dog and absolutely hates the kennel! Since we have used VIP, we have come home to a happy, relaxed dog. Wilder and his brother Wrigley enjoy staying in their own home and love having someone to play with them while we are gone. Scott & Kasha have provided us with prompt and detailed feedback after each visit which we greatly appreciate. We look forward to our continuing relationship with VIP.


Wilder and Wrigley

Coco and Teddy say, “We love being able to stay home with our toys when our parents go away. It is much better than going to a kennel with other big and loud dogs. The people from VIP walk, feed and play with us. Sometimes we forget our parents are gone.”


Their parent, Derek I., writes “VIP has provided me with reliable service for the past two years. They have been available whenever I have needed them, even on a day's notice. I am glad my dogs can stay in their familiar surroundings rather than a cage in a kennel.”​


Coco and Teddy

Over the past year, the staff at Very Important Pets have provided my dog with kind, reliable, and responsive care while I have been away. Not only have they followed my instructions carefully, but they have also expressed enthusiasm about spending time with my dog. This provides me with reassurance and comfort when I leave town, so that I can really relax and enjoy myself without worry, even on long vacations. I have always returned to a happy and healthy pup and a clean home! I highly recommend the services of Very Important Pets.



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Our sweet Golden Retrievers were the recipients of your services. They were not the easiest dogs to walk as Kayak would want to go one way and Cody another. But the pet sitter never complained. Now that both of them have died, we look back and credit some of their long life to being able to stay at their own home while we were out of town, with security and the knowledge that a friendly pet sitter would be on her way to care for them. Thanks.


Kayak and Cody

Dear Mr. Crowder,

I wish to express my gratitude and thanks to your company, VIP Pet Sitting. I came here in Jan. as a temp. tech. at UNC Hospital for a work assignment. I have a basset hound named Daisy. I usually hire someone to walk her while I'm at work. I learned of your services through a tech at UNC, Shaun. I couldn't be happier with customized service I have received. Diane walks Daisy and I could tell right off what a kind and gentle soul Diane was. Daisy has been so happy here that I hate to leave. It has made me feel relieved to know someone like Diane is caring for Daisy while I'm at work. I know Daisy is receiving all the love and attention she deserves. Daisy and I wish you the best and I know with the excellent service you provide, your business with flourish. Thank you, sincerely,



My name is Zoe and VIP has been taking care of me for the last 5 years. My Mom always makes sure that I get the best of everything, including pampering, and Diane at VIP always does that for me.



We want to say thank you to Mr. Watson for such excellent care of our pets and home. We are very pleased and everything was just perfect.

Thank you very much “Very Important Pets” for taking care of us. Sincerely,

Edith and Jim

Our pets

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